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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Every little bit

I haven't run since last Friday. My husband was out of town all weekend, and it took all my energy just to keep up with the kids.

So here it is, Tuesday, and after spending the morning at the Children's Museum, we all took naps. Thanks to Cameron slamming some doors, Max woke from his nap earlier than I would have liked.

In order to kill time before Melvin comes home, I turned to the On Demand station to see what was on. There I found a fitness station, that has short 10 minute workouts we could choose from. Since Max and Cameron were with me, I decided to skip over the Exotic Dancing workout.

With Max discovering that my stomach makes a good chair when I'm lying on the ground, I managed to finish an abs workout. And stepping all over the legos as I did it, I also completed a buns workout.

Only 20 minutes total...but better than nothing.

Now bring on that Valentine's Chocolate!!!


Blogger LH said...

i forced myself out of the house for a 30 minute slog yesterday evening. Hoorah. now i'm heading to chicago for a weekend of fun and frolic.

5:03 AM  

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