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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Snow and more snow

To my mom, Jaye and all others out of the East Coast,

I'm sure shoveling out of 20 inches of snow will beat any workout I do this week!!!! Just think of the calories you'll be burning.


Anonymous Jaye said...

We got over 24 inches in my neighborhood, and no matter how "warm" it is, that mountain of snow in front of my kitchen window probably won't go away until sometime mid-June. BUT, I did get out there on Monday (we were off for Lincoln's birthday - gotta love working for the State!) and finally shovel out my car and the parking spots (building that 6 foot mound of snow on my little plot of land), burning quite a number of calories.

I like snow, but 5-6 inches at a time, not a month's worth dropped on us in a day! It seemed as though the snow was making up for not falling during January (our mildest ever), and the "snow dam" just burst. Good thing I prepared for it on Friday...

Perhaps, once all of this white stuff goes away, I can actually have someplace to run....

7:16 AM  

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