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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Moving on Up

Again on Saturday, I managed to get all the munchkins together so that I could run at the gym. Ella slept the whole time, Max cried in the beginning, refused to take off his jacket, but eventually settled in and played (still refusing to remove his coat), and Cameron cried when we had to leave!

When running on the treadmill I start out REALLY slow. I ran for 2 20 minutes. I walked for less than 2 minutes. And then ran for 2 more miles in 16 minutes.

4 miles total...YEAH!

Anyone else picking up the pace? Especially those of you on the East coast with 70 degree weather this weekend???

Friday, March 10, 2006

Back in Action

Ella turned 3 months...and now I can actually go to the gym to workout....YEAH!!!! Except that since she's an infant, I have to call to make an appointment to have her in the childcare area. There aren't always a lot of slots open, so I actually have to plan in advance, which can be good and bad.

Wednesday they had a 6 PM opening. This was cutting it close to dinner, but I needed to do it. It was a huge hassle trying to get dinner cooked, eaten and all 3 kids out the door on time, but we did it. I was exhausted, and it almost wasn't worth the trouble, but being on that treadmill, knowing that shorts season is almost upon us, was worth it.

I ran 3 miles, with just a short walk half way between. Not far, but a start.

And today, as I was walking around the Mall of America, I managed to curb my craving for the Cinnabon treats and the Caribou coffee muffins. I had a yogurt and fruit instead...yeah for me.

But then I came home and had cookies for lunch.

I have an appt for the gym at 4 PM, but it's such a nice day...almost 50 degrees and sunny, that I might have to cancel so that I can take my kids to the park. That's more important right now. (We'll see how they are when they awaken from their naps).

Happy running!!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

lift weights

I haven't been doing anything but running after kids lately. Ella turns 3 months on Monday, which means she can go to the gym nursery. But she's sick with RSV, so I'll have a to wait a little bit before I jump into an exercise routine.

In the meantime, here's an article about weightlifting decreasing stomach fat in women.