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Friday, March 10, 2006

Back in Action

Ella turned 3 months...and now I can actually go to the gym to workout....YEAH!!!! Except that since she's an infant, I have to call to make an appointment to have her in the childcare area. There aren't always a lot of slots open, so I actually have to plan in advance, which can be good and bad.

Wednesday they had a 6 PM opening. This was cutting it close to dinner, but I needed to do it. It was a huge hassle trying to get dinner cooked, eaten and all 3 kids out the door on time, but we did it. I was exhausted, and it almost wasn't worth the trouble, but being on that treadmill, knowing that shorts season is almost upon us, was worth it.

I ran 3 miles, with just a short walk half way between. Not far, but a start.

And today, as I was walking around the Mall of America, I managed to curb my craving for the Cinnabon treats and the Caribou coffee muffins. I had a yogurt and fruit instead...yeah for me.

But then I came home and had cookies for lunch.

I have an appt for the gym at 4 PM, but it's such a nice day...almost 50 degrees and sunny, that I might have to cancel so that I can take my kids to the park. That's more important right now. (We'll see how they are when they awaken from their naps).

Happy running!!!!


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