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Monday, April 24, 2006


First let me preface the picture below by telling you that last week my toes looked really nice. I had a pedicure right before leaving for Florida. But with all the walking and swimming I did...well...I need another pedicure.

I didn't do any running in was too hot...we were too busy, etc. etc. But I did a ton of all day around the parks. So I don' t feel like I've lost any ground in the fitness department.

HOWEVER, I'm not sure how much running I'll get done this week. Today I rammed my toe into the accident of course. I don't think it's broken. But it is pretty bruised. And it hurts like hell. Maybe tomorrow it will be better. Look for an updated photo.


Anonymous dana said...


Can you SPARE the picture of your toes???


11:38 AM  

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