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Friday, May 05, 2006

Another piece of necessary running equipment

Chocolate: It's Why We Run
Yesterday when I went out for a long run (1 hour in 87 degrees!) I was worried that my route might not be long enough for the hour (little did I realize how far out of shape I was!). So I thought let me look on my NEW navigation system of my NEW MDX to see if there is some other road I could use to lengthen my run. I sat in the parking lot of where I planned to start my run and looked on the navigation map to see where else I could possibly run. As I moved the cursor, I noticed that mileage was showing up on the screen. Lo and behold, it was showing me how far up the road I had moved the cursor from where I sat in my car! I clicked up to the street that I wanted to run to and it told me how far away it was - so I knew exactly how far I was going to run!

Unfortunately, it doesn't help me run any faster - it was a bit better when I thought that I was able to run 6 miles in 60 minutes instead of only 5!


Blogger Cari said...

That's SO AWESOME!!!! Good for you for running. I was too tired today after being up with Ella 4 times last night. Maybe tomorrow.

3:25 PM  

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