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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I think I've finally figured out to post so here I go- but in my sleep-deprived state I could be posting this on some other random blog so in case that happens I apologize in advance!

I'm Cari's friend Lauren and proud to say the one who gave Cari the idea of doing the San Fran women's marathon in the first place. Once I heard about the Tiffany necklace I was hooked! Couldn't do it last year as both Cari and I were pregnant, but was excited about the possibility of this year's race. Unfortunately, while I was dithering about whether I could possibly run a marathon less than 6 months after giving birth (ask Cari for my intricate and insane plans to breastfeed en route) I missed the sign-up for it. So I'll be here virtually rooting all of you on instead.

I'm hoping I can still join in here and post once and awhile as I begin to run again for the first time in a year. My little guy was born on April 15th and I hit the pavement for my first run at 3 weeks 4 days. So far I've been going about every other day for about 30 minutes. This has been dependent on being able to feed the munchkin around 6 so I can get out there while my husband watches him before he leaves for work. Since the little man still hasn't figured out what nighttime is all about and wants to have a hoe-down from 12-5 am, and seems to think a regular pattern for eating is something for the birds, the every other day notion is a bit of stretch- but I have been running somewhat regularly this last week.

The running itself is very interesting as well. I stumble quite a bit (not sleeping can do this- see little man's ideas re night and day and eating above) and have been passed by groups of (fast?) walking seniors and moms with packed double-strollers. But the biggest struggles have been with the "effects" of breastfeeding. I bought myself a very imposing looking jog bra that I'm hoping will help. I know there are lots of moms on this blog so any supportive advice would be appreciated! (hee hee)

I'll be checking in to read your posts regularly. I think I may look for a local 1/2 to run the same day as SF so I can train along with you.

Happy running!


Blogger Cari said...

Yeah for you Lauren! I can't believe you've been out there running already. I've been in a slump this past week, but hope to pick it back up tomorrow. Oh, by the way, everyone, Lauren has run a few marathons, including the infamous Boston! And she kicks butt in triathalons all the time. So even if she was running the Nike Women's with us, she wouldn't exactly be running "with" us...well, maybe with my sister, Dana, but not me!!!! (and Dana, still waiting for you to post).

6:01 PM  
Blogger Jaye said...


I also missed the registration (it filled up quickly), but am setting my sights on the Disney half - more on that when I start to post. Better get my butt in gear to get to work!

3:50 AM  

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