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Monday, May 01, 2006

treadmill tantrums

After my two week hiatus due to vacation and a smashed up toe, I ran today. Because of the rain, I had to do it on my treadmill. And because Ella decided not to take her morning nap when I wanted her to, I had to literally stop after each mile in order to move her from her bouncer to the floor, to her walker, back to the floor, because she was not enjoying watching me ingore her while I ran, and she fussed throughout my entire run. But I did 4 miles...and if she wasn't crying so much, I could have done more.

Now both Gayle and Lanette said they were going to start running on May 1st.......did we do as we professed????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I did my 45 min walk, going again today with Brandee and I plan on doing a brisk walk to the vending machine!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Lanette said...

yes I did my "running" today too. Though it consisted of a 50 min walk to the grocery store during walk (briskly though!) and a 20 min walk run on the treadmill that night while watching "Red Eye". I ended up in bed watching the movie totally not doing much running!

4:16 PM  

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