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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tylenol or Percacet

I have just had a reminder as to how out of shape I really am. I have been riding the "I did a Marathon" bus for way to long and figured that justified my inactivity, well I've finally been kicked off! I could attribute some of the soreness to the fact that maybe Brandee and I over did it Tuesday afternoon, however I have to take full responsibility for the fact that I have really become just that lazy.

Someone please pass the Percacet, so I can get right back out there today....


Blogger Cari said...

Percacet is night...when you need to sleep!!! It won't help you with your running! The first few weeks are always the hardest...get past the pain stage, and you'll be fine. Keep it up!!!!

10:26 AM  

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