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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


When doing hill work.....Is it better to do short steep hills, or long upgrades?

Friday, June 23, 2006


Okay, so we've had some setbacks. My sister is injured, Lanette has some medical issues, I think my husband's partner who I convinced to run is dropping out due to injury, and I've been sick and haven't run in almost 3 weeks.

But we won't give up!!! Dana, as Lauren said, REST!!!!, too! Melvin said running with anemia can give you a stroke!!!! So wait until you're healthy...seriously.

And I went bathing suit shopping this week....that was all the motivation I needed to get back on the road.

So hang in there ladies...get back..and then get back at it!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006


A church in my neighborhood had a 5k run/walk this weekend for breast cancer. A friend and I walked it with our strollers and got started a little late due to some last minute stroller adjustments with her son. Next to us at the back of the pack was an older man- looked to be in his 70s maybe. He was walking determinedly with a spring in his step. When we came near to the finish, both of us commented to each other that we hoped we'd be in as good of shape as he looked to be when we were older.

At the pancake breakfast following the run/walk, they annouced the age-group awards. The older man won his age group- the 90-100 age group! He is 92.

He's my inspiration this week for healthy living!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Yea Sis!

Because she won't do it, I'll do it for her. My sister, Dana, ran 10 miles this weekend. I am proud of her!!!!

Me on the other hand...I ran zero miles. I've been sickly for over a week now; I know if I even attempted to run right now, I'd pass out with dizziness. So I'll let this headcold take it's course before I get back on course.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tri Results

The tri was really fun. Here's some of the more interesting highlights:
1) Sitting in the car with my swimsuit half off and nursing while hearing over the loudspeaker "The race will start in 3 minutes. All athletes should be in their lanes at this time." (I did make it- the little guy finished up and I ran to the pool!)
2) Looking around during T1 and discovering that Husband had forgotten to put my shoes in the transition area with my bike and things. (He had set up my spot for me while I was nursing.)
3) Waving and yelling "Is he okay?" at the end of each lap during the bike leg and seeing Husband give the thumbs-up from the sidelines with the stroller.
4) Jogging comfortably and thinking peacefully as I headed into the finish- totally oblivious that there was a woman sprinting behind me as fast as she could to try to beat me to the chute. (According to Husband I looked pretty funny.)
5) Watching Husband proudly show my trophy off to our son- Husband loves it when I win.
And I actually won the whole thing- 1st place for the entire women's division. Got a nice trophy and some gift certificates. (It's just a local summer series of tris so there aren't a lot of people- there was probably about only 40 today and many more men than women. But it still was sort of fun to win I have to admit! )

I know this is supposed to be a fitness blog- but I have to share the much more exciting news from today in my household: My little siu mai laughed out loud today for the first time! He grinned at his daddy and then let loose with some chuckles!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tri-ing- Too Soon?

Husband has tomorrow off as we were supposed to attend a baptism class. But the class was cancelled so suddenly I have a Saturday morning with baby support. I wasn't planning on doing any races until mid-July (a tri on July 15th) but figured- why not? The running is going okay (when I get a chance to go out) even though I average @ 4 hours sleep total a night, and I don't see that changing any time I might as well "tri" a race for fun now instead of waiting.

A local series has one of their events scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. It's a sprint race and my goal will just be to finish the thing. Not actually sure if this is doable but we'll see- I haven't been on a bike since last year. (And my bike is a 18 year old Schwinn ten-speed complete with kickstand so interesting in itself- I attracted much "attention" last year on it when riding amongst all the fancy high-end new tri-bikes- triathletes tend to be gear geeks and get the latest of everything.) I haven't swum since I was 33 weeks pregnant and the little guy will be 8 weeks old tomorrow so that's been 15 weeks then. I haven't run beyond 45 minutes either so no endurance. All in all- should be interesting!! (Then there's the issue of running in my unsupportive swim suit with my newly enhanced nursing chest... I may have a very long T2 as I run to the bathroom to put on my super-scary Madonna-inspired sports bra!)

I tried to get Husband to do this as a team relay (he'd do the bike part) but he's not interested- too early in the morning. :) We need to leave here at 5:15 to give me a chance to nurse my little siu mai before the start. I figure if I can feed him around 6 then I'll be really motivated to finish within an hour and a half- he'll be hungry by 8!

So please wish me luck! If it rains tomorrow morning or if he has a rough night then we won't go- and if he starts crying during the race I'll stop (nice thing about this tri is that it's a loop course for the bike and run so I'll be able to check in with the family about every 10-15 minutes)

Am I being insane? Husband did point out that I have a quite large pile of work I haven't been able to do and that I generally should use a good deal of the time he is home to do that work. But he seemed to understand that while 6 am is a "great" time to go run and swim and bike it's not so hot for trying to work on an article.... although he also mumbled something about sleep-deprived people actually needing to sleep when they get the chance....


Have you all seen these yet? I read the story of the woman who started the company and went to the web site to check them out:

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

When it's hot!

Now that "Serious training" has started (uh, haven't run since last Friday...and felt sick I'm not quite on track yet), I thought it would be good to post tips for running in hot weather. I was thinking the number one tip would be NOT to run, but that wouldn't help our training. And as Gayle so eloquently demonstrated for us, you shouldn't run in hot weather when hung-over. Any other suggestions? Here are mine.

1. Run early or late...when it's the coolest.
2. Drink and run with Gatorade. It really is better than water when running longer. Get the special sports bottle kind. At first it might feel strange if you're not used to running with a bottle, but after a few times, it will seem normal (at least to me it does).
3. Run where it's shady.
4. Wear a hat and sunscreen.
5. If it's too hot and humid...turn around and go back home. Don't risk overheating yourself!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Inspired by You

I did it! Inspired by the fact that you all are beginning "serious training" this month, and that today was the Salt Lake City marathon so there were people running a marathon right past my house, I ran the entire hilly park route. It took 42 minutes- my longest run to date post-baby. Felt pretty good and I was quite tired at the end.

I seriously need to start working on some sit-ups or something though to strengthen my back and stomach. I don't have any core strength when I am running. Any suggestions for good exercises?


Thursday, June 01, 2006

4 months to go!

Okay, it is June 1st and serious training is about to begin! 16 weeks to get ourselves together! Here are some training tips for June:

1. For runners, by the end of June your long run should be 2 hrs long. For walk/runners, you should be up to 2hr 30min.

2. You should still be running a long run every week this month. Next month, we can go to every other week.

3. Another run each week should include your target or faster than target marathon pace. Faster than target if you can already run at your target pace. the run could be intervals at your pace of at least 3 miles. Or you can run some miles in a longer run at your goal pace.

4. For one other run of any length, include a route that has hills ( and no, stepping up on a high curb does not count). There are some big hills on the marathon course and we need to be prepared.

Let's get out there and work off all that chocolate!