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Thursday, June 01, 2006

4 months to go!

Okay, it is June 1st and serious training is about to begin! 16 weeks to get ourselves together! Here are some training tips for June:

1. For runners, by the end of June your long run should be 2 hrs long. For walk/runners, you should be up to 2hr 30min.

2. You should still be running a long run every week this month. Next month, we can go to every other week.

3. Another run each week should include your target or faster than target marathon pace. Faster than target if you can already run at your target pace. the run could be intervals at your pace of at least 3 miles. Or you can run some miles in a longer run at your goal pace.

4. For one other run of any length, include a route that has hills ( and no, stepping up on a high curb does not count). There are some big hills on the marathon course and we need to be prepared.

Let's get out there and work off all that chocolate!


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