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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tri-ing- Too Soon?

Husband has tomorrow off as we were supposed to attend a baptism class. But the class was cancelled so suddenly I have a Saturday morning with baby support. I wasn't planning on doing any races until mid-July (a tri on July 15th) but figured- why not? The running is going okay (when I get a chance to go out) even though I average @ 4 hours sleep total a night, and I don't see that changing any time I might as well "tri" a race for fun now instead of waiting.

A local series has one of their events scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. It's a sprint race and my goal will just be to finish the thing. Not actually sure if this is doable but we'll see- I haven't been on a bike since last year. (And my bike is a 18 year old Schwinn ten-speed complete with kickstand so interesting in itself- I attracted much "attention" last year on it when riding amongst all the fancy high-end new tri-bikes- triathletes tend to be gear geeks and get the latest of everything.) I haven't swum since I was 33 weeks pregnant and the little guy will be 8 weeks old tomorrow so that's been 15 weeks then. I haven't run beyond 45 minutes either so no endurance. All in all- should be interesting!! (Then there's the issue of running in my unsupportive swim suit with my newly enhanced nursing chest... I may have a very long T2 as I run to the bathroom to put on my super-scary Madonna-inspired sports bra!)

I tried to get Husband to do this as a team relay (he'd do the bike part) but he's not interested- too early in the morning. :) We need to leave here at 5:15 to give me a chance to nurse my little siu mai before the start. I figure if I can feed him around 6 then I'll be really motivated to finish within an hour and a half- he'll be hungry by 8!

So please wish me luck! If it rains tomorrow morning or if he has a rough night then we won't go- and if he starts crying during the race I'll stop (nice thing about this tri is that it's a loop course for the bike and run so I'll be able to check in with the family about every 10-15 minutes)

Am I being insane? Husband did point out that I have a quite large pile of work I haven't been able to do and that I generally should use a good deal of the time he is home to do that work. But he seemed to understand that while 6 am is a "great" time to go run and swim and bike it's not so hot for trying to work on an article.... although he also mumbled something about sleep-deprived people actually needing to sleep when they get the chance....


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