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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tri Results

The tri was really fun. Here's some of the more interesting highlights:
1) Sitting in the car with my swimsuit half off and nursing while hearing over the loudspeaker "The race will start in 3 minutes. All athletes should be in their lanes at this time." (I did make it- the little guy finished up and I ran to the pool!)
2) Looking around during T1 and discovering that Husband had forgotten to put my shoes in the transition area with my bike and things. (He had set up my spot for me while I was nursing.)
3) Waving and yelling "Is he okay?" at the end of each lap during the bike leg and seeing Husband give the thumbs-up from the sidelines with the stroller.
4) Jogging comfortably and thinking peacefully as I headed into the finish- totally oblivious that there was a woman sprinting behind me as fast as she could to try to beat me to the chute. (According to Husband I looked pretty funny.)
5) Watching Husband proudly show my trophy off to our son- Husband loves it when I win.
And I actually won the whole thing- 1st place for the entire women's division. Got a nice trophy and some gift certificates. (It's just a local summer series of tris so there aren't a lot of people- there was probably about only 40 today and many more men than women. But it still was sort of fun to win I have to admit! )

I know this is supposed to be a fitness blog- but I have to share the much more exciting news from today in my household: My little siu mai laughed out loud today for the first time! He grinned at his daddy and then let loose with some chuckles!


Blogger Jaye said...

Congratulations!!! Number one, for winning the tri, even after saying you haven't trained fully for one in a while - that's awesome and the kind of boost everyone needs! You're an inspiration!

Number two, for your little guy smiling and laughing - perhaps he, too is proud of his mommy's accomplishments! Keep up the great work! You've inspired the sleep-deprived (though for entirely different reasons) me!!!!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Cari said...

Okay, first of all make me sick!!! "Oh I haven't trained, I just want to finish"...blah...blah...blah!!!! And then you go and win the thing! I'm rethinking this TC 10 mile as I write. Because when I SAY I'm SLOW...I ACTUALLY MEAN IT!!! There will be no awards from my pace. My goal really is just to finish and do it without vomiting, unlike my first marathon.

And secondly...Yahoo!!!! Awesome for you! Way to get back into it so quickly...and quite crazily. I can just envision you checking with Bernie as you're racing. TOO FUNNY!!! That little boy has an awesome mommy!!!! What a wonderful role model you will be for him. My boys associate me with napping!!!!

And when are you starting a blog for your baby boy??? Your parents and family will love it, staying in close contact through your stories.

6:52 PM  
Blogger L said...

Hey Cari-
We're doing the TC 10 at the slowest pace you can handle because I want to chat with you uninterrupted for as long as we can!! I'd prefer to walk actually.

I have a huge work dilemma going on- doing the tri was distracting and helped- but I really could use your advice. Will call you this week if that works for you.

7:55 PM  

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