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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

11 weeks to go....

well, we have 11 weeks before race day! what is everyone doing??? it has been hot in New Jersey Pennsylvania and Minnesota (don't know about Utah ) these past weeks, but are we presevering? Gotta get those runs in.

I just watched an on-demand show about training for a marathon - not chocked full of info but interesting as they suggested you can train for a full marathon in 10 weeks on three days of running a week. A long run, mile intervals at race pace, and a tempo run. strength training was important too, twice a week. so anyone who is really behind in their training like me, there is still hope!!

I have been feeling very good lately, I actually did a fartlek workout last week (3 min jog, 3 min run for 4 miles) and a negative split 7 miler, I think I actually went under 10 minute miles for one of the miles!! What a change in two weeks! and, sorry Cari, but I have a new training partner - my son! He rides his bike with me, right next to me, and puts out his hand if he hears me breathing too hard or if I say I'm tired. He carries our water/propel bottles. we also use walkie-talkies when he feels like riding ahead. Now, if I can only get him to trades places with me......


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