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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm Back in the Game, Baby!!

After finally receiving a clean bill of health from my doctor (nothing so serious that diet, excercise, Nexium and iron supplements can't manage) to start running again, I decided to set my sights on a race in January, someplace warm. I just registered for the P.F. Chang's Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon (there's a full marathon, too, but I'm easing back into the mix), so I'm committed. I'm also very excited - it's a relatively inexpensive race, a beautiful backdrop to run, I have family there (and family going with me), and I get to see the Grand Canyon! Here's the link: I know you all are training for the Women's marathon in November, but this is in January (a birthday/holiday present for myself), and both races are still open. Anybody interested? What a way to start out the New Year - I'm getting so pumped!

Along those lines, yesterday, I ran along the towpath in Kingston, which I haven't done all summer, and missed so much. It was invigorating - the weather was beautiful, and I felt quite well. In fact, as I was finishing my run, I began to wax poetic in my mind, taking in everything around me. Wrote a poem about it - want to hear it-here it goes:
released from my metal cage, I set off on my journey.
starting slowly, getting my bearings, then
steps coming lighter, faster, stronger.
I am a gazelle, bounding free, breathing easy,
cheered on by squirrels; my footsteps the percussion
to the songs of birds and cicadas.
a dragonfly - my bodyguard - leading the way,
pausing only to allow me to catch up, then flitting
off again, setting my next goal.
I return to my cage, stronger than when I began;
looking forward to the next time - my next
flight of freedom...


Blogger Cari said...

Sometimes I hate running...until I can't run...then I just want to get out there and do it. Your last line referring to being free is so true. I'm so glad you got out. Although I often hated running the towpath...because it marked each mile and that drove me crazy...I sure do miss it now. Good for you for getting out there!!!!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Jaye said...

The posts from all of you inspire me and made me even more eager to get out there!

8:03 AM  

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