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Friday, September 29, 2006

Outer Banks

I don't know about Cari, but our trip to the Outer Banks seemed like the shortest trip we have ever taken. The time seemed to fly by! We stayed at a great hotel, slept in, ate what and when we wanted, went shopping, and had some fab martinis!

I didn't have the greatest run (we seem to alternate on these long run trips, so I guess it's Cari's turn next time to have a bad run), but I didn't turn back and though I walked/ran half of it, I still ran for 3:20 and Cari did 3:30+.

I would recommend getting Girlfriend question cards - ask Cari where she got them. They really helped in getting us through those last five miles. And the conversation those questions generated! We have to have them for the marathon!

After the run and a bit of time spent on beach and by the pool (it was very hot, over 85), we did a little shopping for kid's gifts and wine, had a great dinner in tropical storm force winds, and then capped the evening off by hitting a couple of martini bars and talking to strange women about breast implants! All in all it was a relaxing weekend - I forgot all about the dissertation I am trying to finish and my crazy job!

I can't wait until San Francisco - we can fill you in on the details then!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Joining you all in spirit

I will be more than virtually joining you in your Tiffany-necklace quest on the 22nd! About the time you all are pounding up the hills in San Fran looking for chocolate, I'll be pushing my running stroller in Little Guy's first ever half-marathon. My next-door neighbor and I have committed to running "The Other Half" half-marathon in Moab, UT (home to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks) and received permission to run with our strollers and infants.

Needless to say, Husband thinks it's crazy to run a half-marathon pushing a stroller. I'm not sure that I totally disagree with him- as I've explained before here (I think) I just can't seem to figure out how to run with the thing without tripping or dying of exhaustion on any sort of uphill grade at all. However, running with my Little Guy and a single stroller seemed a perfect solution to my neighbor's original idea. She thought we'd take a girls' weekend of sorts to run the race- heading out to Moab with just the kids, meaning my little one, her adorable little baby girl, and her equally adorable 4 year old twins. Sounds fun until I realized the next part of her plan: We would each push a double stroller with 1 FOUR-YEAR-OLD twin and 1 baby. Remember again my earlier statement: I just can't seem to figure out how to run with a SINGLE stroller and little 5 month old infant without tripping or dying of exhaustion on an uphill. There is no doubt in my mind that the unlucky twin that ended up with me would be busy flagging down the sweep vehicle and EMTs after I had dropped to the ground somewhere in the first few miles.

My neighbor didn't quite comprehend my vision and thought we'd be fine. (Mind you, the woman is an amazing athlete and pushes a double running stroller like it's floating on air.) Luckily, we have convinced her mother to run the half as well, so now have a grandfather available to watch the twins and Husband is coming along too, so I'm off the hook and down to just pushing 1 child along.

I'm very much looking forward to the run- I can't quite call it a race as it will have to be very non-competitive. My neighbor and I rarely get the time we want to chat so it will be terrific to have a few hours on the road to do so. Only issue is that I will be huffing and puffing with that running stroller so she'll have to do the talking as she effortlessly runs along and I gasp in response. (There's also the "side" issue of what happens if Little Guy decides not to take a nice stroller nap like normal...) The course is beautiful with the red rocks and views. (Tons of movies and commercials are shot in Moab so you've actually "seen" the place before!) We're promised hot chocolate at the beginning of the race and beer at the end- very nice. Won't quite live up to my dreams of a chocolate mile and a Tiffany necklace, but it'll do for now, and it will be fun thinking of you all out running at the same time just one time zone away.

I do have one big request for you all. Could you please look closely at the finish and see if the half-marathoners get the same necklace as the marathoners? Good info for next year. (Is it not obvious that I am the one who started this whole thing by luring Cari in with the necklace? I'm obssesed!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Traveling to Run

For those of you who don't know this, since Lanette and I live so far away, we arrange a trip for a girls' weekend to do a long run together. We did NOT do this for the San Diego Marathon because we I still lived in NJ, so we ran together all the time. I think our longest run for that race was from South Brunswick to New Hope. I remember going up those country hills looking for the Gatorade that Jaye was supposed to drop off for us!

When training for Twin Cities, we met in Tampa. The run wasn't great for Lanette, but the pool and beach sure was!

When training for Chicago, we met in Niagara Falls. I had a really hard time and had to cut short my long run, but Lanette did great. And we enjoyed the sites and the wineries!!!!

This weekend we're going to the Outer Banks. I'm flying into Philly on Friday and driving down with Lanette. I've never been there, and I REALLY need a break from life here. I can't wait!!!

Is anyone else planning on joining us?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Triumphant at last

Lately I've been VERY worried about being able to do this marathon. With my hip and knee injuries, my long runs have been postponed over and over again. My last long run was that disasterous one in the middle of a hot day that I had to walk so much just to barely make it home.

But today, I set out to do a long run, and 3 hours and 10 minutes later I came bounding up my driveway with a smile on my face and some spring still left in my stride.

It was actually quite cool (high 50s - low 60s) and cloudy, with only a very slight breeze...perfect for running.

I started out really slow, and just sorta made my way around some lakes in the area, stopping only twice (off clock) to get a Clif bar and gatorade and to use the bathroom. I didn' t even feel the need to walk at all, and I'm pretty sure that my last hour was the fastest of all three of them. I just felt that good.

I REALLY needed a run like this.

Next big the Outer Banks. Hope to see you all there! I'm flying into Philly and driving down with Lanette.

Let's get some updates from the rest of you!!!!!!