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Friday, September 29, 2006

Outer Banks

I don't know about Cari, but our trip to the Outer Banks seemed like the shortest trip we have ever taken. The time seemed to fly by! We stayed at a great hotel, slept in, ate what and when we wanted, went shopping, and had some fab martinis!

I didn't have the greatest run (we seem to alternate on these long run trips, so I guess it's Cari's turn next time to have a bad run), but I didn't turn back and though I walked/ran half of it, I still ran for 3:20 and Cari did 3:30+.

I would recommend getting Girlfriend question cards - ask Cari where she got them. They really helped in getting us through those last five miles. And the conversation those questions generated! We have to have them for the marathon!

After the run and a bit of time spent on beach and by the pool (it was very hot, over 85), we did a little shopping for kid's gifts and wine, had a great dinner in tropical storm force winds, and then capped the evening off by hitting a couple of martini bars and talking to strange women about breast implants! All in all it was a relaxing weekend - I forgot all about the dissertation I am trying to finish and my crazy job!

I can't wait until San Francisco - we can fill you in on the details then!


Blogger Cari said...

Oh what a wonderful time I had!!! Every time we get together it's bittersweet because I have such a fabulous time, when I return I'm so depressed that we don't live near each other any more.

Your write up of our trip was perfect and funny! I told Melvin about our breast implant conversation with that girl and he just thinks we're so weird!

Anyhow, I was thinking that maybe I should change the title of this blog to Chocolate MARTINIS: It's why we run. (And then maybe Gayle would post more!).

8:30 PM  
Anonymous dana said...

Cari....When you first talked me into this marathon it was because you would QUIT bugging me to run one....not only am I surprised that I have even been able to run for 3 hours, but I am looking forward to it....not only the challenge, but the wine and the time without worry about work and kids afterwards....did I say that I was looking forward to the wine....I am!! Dana

6:19 AM  
Blogger Jaye said...

I miss wine - that's why I'm running - to allow my body to heal itself (hiatal hernias respond best to weight loss via exercise), so I can have at least a nice glass of Chianti Classico once a week!

Keiko and I are excited about our mini vacation for our run up in New England amongst the fall foliage. Staying in a B&B really appeals to me, because I LOVE breakfast! That's another reason why I run!

Keiko's doing well, too - I'm so proud of her!

5:50 AM  

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