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Friday, October 06, 2006

Last long one

I ran my last long run yesterday. I know, I know....I'm supposed to be tapering. But after my crappy run in the heat of the Outer Banks, I needed to do another long run just to give myself the confidence I needed for this marathon in a couple weeks.

I was supposed to run long on Monday...but it was 83 degrees. Yesterday it was around 60....perfect! I just set out to do 3 1/2 hours. I ended up running around the perimeter of my town. And the last hour involved long country roads...which translates to long country uphills!!!! I can't believe I finished a run like that slogging up hills!

But it felt good to be able to run that far without too much trouble. My body was certainly aching that last hour...and to think in the marathon I'd have another hour to run...oh my!

So I know I probably shouldn't have, but I did it....3 1/2 hours. I just hope I didn't over do it!


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