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Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Race over....another ahead?

It's been a couple weeks since the marathon, and I'm still losing toenails! Yesterday my big toenail came off. I'll spare you any photos!

And I must admit that I haven't even run a block since the marathon day. I'm so bad like that! Of course the cold weather, load of school work and general mom stuff are providing excuses for my lack of action.

Today I signed up for the Indianapolis 500 mini-marathon on May 5th! It's over 72% full, so you gotta sign up now! It also has a walking division.

Here's the link:

I registered with a time of 2:10...and plan on mailing in confirmation for a preferred coral (it explains it in the registration).

Let me know if you sign up, and I'll see about hotels.


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